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Design Equipment

High Quality with a Personal Touch

It is easy to follow the beaten track, but it's much more satisfying to find your own path. It’s not necessary to repeat someone else success and use all known solutions with us. We will create your individual interior or production solution even if it needs to be one single piece. We will bring your project to life and sustain it with the experience and efforts of our qualified team. Whether you want to furnish a store, hotel or your own home, our specialists will pay close attention to your project using a tailored approach.


Niki Ltd would like to offer new creative and innovative approach in the Design Area of allkind of goods made of metal. We could offer individual develpment of your idea or to fulfil your own. We know differnt kind of metarials and know how to use them all in the most proper way. We combine wood elements with metal and glass in all kind of variations. We are nor afraid to be innovative and to experiment. We could offer modern approach better than anyone else. For us metal is a way to express better ourselves without using words.