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Retail Equipment

Creative Space Solution for Your Brand

Today, retailers are getting more innovative in their efforts to entice customers. All products must be equally accessible and visible, and the space – always fully used. Our team strictly works to your goals. We offer a creative spacial solution to provide comfort to customers and at the same time to emphasize the individual style of each retail establishment.


We arrange the whole equipment - from the smallest displays to the largest shelves under a common idea and at the same time we pay attention to the implementation of each and every detail. We use the full range of possible materials - metal, wood, acrylic products, vinyls and graphics to achieve a harmonic sense of space. We create a place where shopping feels more like an experience rather than a routine.

Project management

In order to keep our competitive advantage, here at Niki we could offer our partners a professional project management. Full range of service will make your Supply Chain Management easy and friendly, it will same your time and money. We take care for our production processes and sub-suppliers, we manage your logistic and delivery to your warehouse wherever it is. Variety of materils and operations will add extra value to your project.  

For manufacturing a metal display, we take into consideration the full range of requirements and the target group we want to reach. The whole marketing concept of your project will be developed and updated with a value engineering for better production planning and optimization.

The metal provides stability and security of the structure. The acryl adds an individual style and glamor. The small details with various forms are usually made of plastic. The finishing components are made of light and flexible aluminum or stylish wood. In order to complete our projects, we often use light effects, movable modules, LCD screens, sound systems and motion sensors. 

We use the specific characteristics of each material to give you freedom to express your ideas and to create a product which meets your expectations!

  • Enquiries for price and leadtime
  • Sale Quote
  • Development of technical data with CAD/ CAM systems
  • Development of first-off and sample in short period of time
  • 100 % quality control
  • Production
  • Assembly
  • Quality Control
  • Packaging
  • Quality Control
  • After Sales Service