Customized,  Individual, Premium

Niki Ltd gives clarity to your individual projects by value engineering and highly qualified team that makes your ideas come to life.

Bringing your project to life and sustaining it with our experience and efforts. Whether it’s to furnish a store, a hotel, or your own home, we guarantee that we’ll deliver a tailored solution.


  1. 1.The right choice

    Niki can guarantee a professional approach to any project. The team is highly qualified for many areas of bespoke furniture and equipment. Niki has software like Solid Works and Microsoft Dynamics NAV to ensure quality technical drawings and production management.
  2. 2.Why bespoke

    Today the retail and furniture industry is maxed out. The things that are sold in stores can all start to look the same. This is why bespoke furniture is becoming trendier the past few years. Niki is gaining momentum in this field of design and creativity.
  3. 3.Design thinking

    The software and experienced engineers now put their talent to use in design projects such as homes and hotels. The result is a luxury boutique product every time. 
  4. 4.Materials galore

    Customized solutions are a result of knowledge and resources. Niki works with a wide range of materials to ensure the satisfaction of the client. Using metal for structure and wood for the unique element every tailored piece needs, the people behind the production have a world of opportunity to create any design- from idea to your door.