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Niki Ltd brings an innovative shopfitting experience in cooperation with Design and Engineering Specialists through attention to detail and following the new trends.  

Offering a creative special solution to provide comfort to customers and at the same time emphasize the individual style of each retail establishment.

  1. 1.The right choice

    Niki can guarantee a professional approach to any project. The team is highly qualified for many areas of bespoke furniture and equipment. Niki has software like Solid Works and Microsoft DynamicsNAV to ensure quality technical drawings and production management.
  2. 2.Retail is detail

    At Niki, the service cycle is full-loop, meaning there is no gap in the process. The project is started and finished under the staff’s project management and no detail is overlooked, just as the master takes care of his work of art.
  3. 3.Area of expertise

    Niki specializes in hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, fashion and sports stores with a 25 year experience behind its back.  
  4. 4.On your side

    From experienced engineers, to hardworking retailers, the Niki team has the best of experience and intelligent approach to achieve luxury and intricate shopfitting solutions.