• The quality of our products is your major advantage over competitors
  • The full-scale project management – an important advantage for Us.
  • The good partner is the most successful investment in the future
  • Your business deserves an individual style equipment
  • We invest in the latest technologies for the precise execution of every detail
  • Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

    Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

    Sheet Metal Laser Cutting We have the latest generation laser machines. Therefore we can guarantee constant monitoring of the process and precision of the final product.
  • Tube Laser Cutting

    Tube Laser Cutting

    Tube Laser Cutting Our new fiber laser gives us endless possibilities by offering high cost effectiveness and low energy consumption. This is a core value for quality management and price optimisation.
  • 2D and 3D wire bending

    2D and 3D wire bending

    2D and 3D wire bending Thanks to our "Whitelegg" and "AIM" wire bending machines we can offer a full automation of operations and an optimal quality.
  • Powder Coating Line

    Powder Coating Line

    Powder Coating Line Choose your color with the desired effect to get an individual style added to your equipment.
  • Milling


    Milling The "Haas" digital milling machines ensure perfect accuracy, which is essential for our customers in the automotive and spec industries.
  • Sheet Metal Bending

    Sheet Metal Bending

    Sheet Metal Bending We offer a full cycle of both sheet and profile processing to control the entire process. We rely on the latest generation machines for the sheet and profile bending.
  • Punching


    Punching We offer extremely precise metal sheet processing with no deformations, guaranteed by the “Baykal Makine” multifunctional punching machine.
  • TIG/ MIG welding

    TIG/ MIG welding

    TIG/ MIG welding Not only machines but the diligence of our employees is essential for the optimal result. Our fully qualified team of operators will carry out the most precise manual processes.
  • Assembly


    Assembly We creatively combine metal components with lighting, acrylic, vinyl printed materials and wood to be sure you get original and functional equipment.
  • CNC Center

    CNC Center

    CNC Center We reinforce your personality with excellent processing and unlimited possibilities.
  • Painting Chamber

    Painting Chamber

    Painting Chamber Matte, gloss, stain or varnish- a matter of taste and fully tailored to you and your needs.
  • Cutting and Edging

    Cutting and Edging

    Cutting and Edging Accuracy and precision in handling slabs of MDF, chipboard, natural veneer or designer decor.

Retail Equipment

You will find creative and special solutions that provide both comfort to your customers and an individual style to your store or brand.

Industrial Equipment

We have the capacity to manufacture all kinds of metal interior – for professional kitchens, medical offices, machine engineering and automotive plants.

Design Equipment

You want to furnish a store, hotel or your own home? We will create your individual interior solution that will fully cover your requirements.

    Our modern facility offers a reliable production of all kind of metal and wood projects for your particular industry, store development and specific retail solutions for your brand. We give a personal touch to everything we do in order to meet your high expectations. 


    You will find here a whole variety of materials necessary for the quality equipment: mild steel, stainless steel, brass, wood, glass, acrylic and plastic. Ask our consultants how to use the advantages of each material. Great variety and we know how to combine them all.


    Niki Ltd is ISO certified company providing high quality production based the following standards: ISO 9001:2015; OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 14001:2015. Moreover, we use ERP System for better production planning and SolidWorks file for technical optimization.