Cookie Policy and Related Technology Policy on the site of NIKI EOOD

Cookie Policy and Related Technology Policy on the site of NIKI EOOD

Why does NIKI LTD use cookies on her site?

Cookies help us explore and improve our site to provide you with more quality and personalized content, so:
- our site is functioning correctly and securely on the device you use it;
- to show you relevant suggestions through our banners when surfing the web;
- Produce web site performance statistics to make it easier and more comfortable to work with.

What is a cookie and similar technologies?

When a web page loads from a site, it creates and sends a visitor to a cookie. The information in this cookie is saved as a text file in the user's web browser / device and may contain an identifier to distinguish different browsers.
For their part, "similar technologies" differ technically from cookies but function similarly.
Pixels are small code blocks on site pages and emails. Most often, they are used together with cookies to help manage site or emails, and to collect information about online work.

Are Cookies Safe?
Since cookies are text files, they can not harm your computer or access files you store on your device.

What kinds of cookies do I have?

Cookies are divided into 2 main types of time:
- session cookies - they are temporarily saved while browsing the site's pages to ensure its proper functioning or to personalize the information you see during this particular visit. Session cookies are deleted when you close your browser.
- Permanent cookies - they are kept on your device for a certain amount of time or until you delete them. Just these cookies help us analyze the traffic data on our site, monitor its proper behavior and improve it. In addition, our suggestions can reach you while browsing other websites.

Regarding the origin of cookies, we also distinguish two main types:

- Custom cookies - These cookies are placed by the owner of the website
- third-party cookies - they are placed by a third party partner with the consent of the site owner.

According to their necessity, cookies are:

- required cookies for site functionality - they are responsible for the proper functioning of the site and its capabilities that the user wants to use. Without these cookies, the site and its services may not perform the desired actions of the user;
- security cookies - serve to protect information from unauthorized parties, protect the site from malicious attempts to attack.
- Cookies that support business development - These cookies help develop the site and the company - its owner. They allow you to analyze and evaluate your site's user experience by tracking various metrics such as traffic, visits, and drop-outs to specific pages, conversions, and more. They also help improve customer service and communication, such as engaging in relevant marketing campaigns. These cookies can be stopped.

What cookies does NIKI EOOD use?

Our Web site uses the following types of cookies to provide you with a complete user experience and to improve our services:
• Required cookies related to site functionality - these cookies create from our site and allow you to seamlessly browse the pages, without these cookies the site can not function. If you delete or block these cookies, you will not be able to use the site fully.
• Cookies that allow us to analyze and keep statistics on our site.
These cookies serve to track traffic and various actions you make on our site. Through them, we run statistics on how you use our site, how our ads perform, analyze data, and make improvements. For this purpose, we use external services:
o GoogleAnalytics - a Google web analytics service. Through it and its cookies, we understand how you use our site and understand what the demographics and consumer interests are in a generalized fashion. The information is stored on US servers, and our site has an integrated code that anonymises IP addresses (IP masking is enabled). This means that your IP address has been truncated (partially deleted) by Google within the EU and the countries of the European Economic Community before it is stored.
o Hotjar - we use HotjarLtd web analytics services to help us improve our web service. Through Hotjar's cookies, we investigate the behavior of users rather than who they are. Hotjar does not collect IP addresses or other personally identifiable information. When it's included in research, the cookie can record mouse clicks, mouse movements and scroll. Hotjar also collects information about the pages visited, the actions taken, the country, the device used, the operating system and the browser. The information is stored on servers in Ireland.
• Cookies that allow us to show you relevant banner ads while browsing the web, and to analyze the results to make even more relevant suggestions. Here's what external services we use for this:
o GoogleAdwords - this service is provided by Google and allows us to implement remarketing campaigns because of a group of users because they visited our website or because they have done a certain action on it. The platform enables us to analyze the results of the campaigns and to improve our communication and suggestions. We do not collect personal data through GoogleAdwords
How can you manage cookies?

There are many ways to manage cookies that are saved, for example, through browser settings or through the settings of the sites you visit. It's important to keep in mind that if you disable all cookies on your browser, you will not be able to use some of the functionality on our site.

Are there cookies that link to other sites?

We use links to external pages, for example, to watch the videos on our site (they are YouTube links), browse through our social networking pages - Facebook, GooglePlus, Youtube, or get more information on different topics. We do not have access to the cookies that may be contained on these sites and the information they record.

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